... restrict the times when the computer can be used, and to set the times that your child may surf the Internet, play games, use particular programs, and watch movies ...
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Drive Security Manager

Drive Security Manager Drive Security Manager allows you to apply several security settings to drives including removable devices (USB flash drives, memory sticks, etc.), Floppy and CD\DVD-ROMs.
You can hide drives content; hide executable files (malware, trojan programs, autorun.inf, etc.); disable ability to write and delete files; show files regarding file masks only. This password protected utility doesn't allow unwanted person change settings and uninstall it. Security settings are applicable as for all PC users as for each PC user. You can just secure drive types (USB, CD-ROM, Floppy, etc.) or set up settings for each drive letter (A:, B:, C:, etc.).

Download Drive Security Manager

For each license purchased, the software may be installed on one machine at any given time. The software may be moved to a different machine if uninstalled from the first one. (for example: you have got 2 computers, there are 3 local user profiles on each PC, so you have to order 2 licenses only).
The Site License lets you install copies of our software on multiple stand-alone or networked machines within your organisation up to the purchased site license limit, which specifies the total number of users potentially supported by the license. It generally makes sense if you want to support 50 or more users.
Number of licenses/units Unit Price Order Link
1-1 USD: 15.00click here
2-2 USD: 14.00click here
3-3 USD: 13.00click here
4-4 USD: 12.00click here
5-9 USD: 11.00click here
10-19 USD: 10.00click here
20-49 USD: 8.00click here
50-99 USD: 6.00click here
100-999 USD: 4.00click here
From 1000 USD: 2.00click here
drives security settings

drives security settings
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program options

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